What to see in Nepal

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This landlocked country between China and India has long remained away from tourist circuits, yet it is a magical territory whose history is filled with mythical legends made up of princesses, demons, witches and deities who transform into animals!

see in Nepal


Kathmandu is located at 1,350 meters above sea level, as a former Newari royal city, it is the unmissable meeting place for history lovers! You will be able to discover the Durbar square located in front of the former royal palace and admire the many temples, palaces and Hindu statues that dot the historic district. The Bodnath Stupa will also amaze you with these three large terraces representing a giant mandala! Kathmandu is a noisy city in constant activity, so we advise you to rest while strolling in the alleys of the Garden of Dreams!

The Annapurna massif

Nepal is an ideal country for trekkers, mountaineers and occasional hikers! Departing from the city of Pokhara, you can measure yourself against the path of the Annapurna massif and admire the beauty of the rice fields, forests, villages and snow-covered paths! If you are an experienced trekker, you can even set off on the “Annapurna tour” and walk for 18 days to discover an extremely varied ecosystem combining pine forests and imposing glaciers. If you’re lucky, you might come across a yak or a snow leopard!

Chitwan National Park

The wet plains of Nepal are full of wild animals: accompanied by a guide, you can visit this region located south-west of Kathmandu and go in search of the one-horned rhinoceros! Chitwan National Park is full of extremely rich wildlife, it is also the first natural place in Nepal to have been protected since 1973. In Asia, Chitwan is one of the exemplary places in terms of biodiversity protection! Thanks to your guide, you may be able to see the famous Bengal tiger!


The village of Lumbini is located in the district of Rupandehi a few kilometers from the Indian border: it is the birthplace of Buddha! The entire site thus takes on a highly sacred character: a stone even marks the exact place of birth in the temple of Maya Devi, mother of Buddha. Pilgrims also come to dip their hands in the sacred pool where Maya Devi is said to have bathed before giving birth.

The royal city of Patan

Patan is a city that you should not miss during your trip to Nepal! It is the former royal city of the Kathmandu Valley: this is why it is the ideal city to discover the architectural and heritage richness of the country. Patan is also known as “Lalitpur” or “City of Beauty”, as it is the cradle of ancient craft techniques such as wood carving. Walking through the streets of the city, you can admire the work of the craftsmen and take with you a nice souvenir of your trip. Patan is a very pleasant city and much quieter than Kathmandu: if you want to explore the region, we advise you to put your suitcases there nice places to live in Spain .


Of course, the highest peak in the world is not available to all traveler profiles! However, if you have a taste for adventure, you can try the base camp trek and thus approach the most mythical mountain in the world up close! Along the way, you will come across Mani walls, stupas and incredible suspension bridges. Know that to reach the starting point of your ascent, you will take a plane to Lukla to land on the most dangerous track in the world!

Bardia National Park

After Chitwan, Bardia is the second protected area of ​​Nepal. Less frequented by tourists than Chitwan, Bardia is a preserved and wild treasure. Formerly the hunting reserve of the Nepalese royal family, Bardia is now home to an extremely rich biodiversity: 642 animal species and 839 plant species are indeed listed there! If you are brave enough to reach this very isolated park (15 hours of chaotic roads from Kathmandu), you will have the chance to observe the Bengal tiger, the Indian rhinoceros, the Asian elephant or the Ganges dolphin. We advise you to explore the jungle by canoe: it is a silent means of transport that will allow you to observe the animals without frightening them!


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