Do Turkish airlines allow name changes on your ticket?

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The passengers of Turkish Airlines are always happy with their service because this airline keeps the comfort of the travellers in the first position on their priority list. And, this time again it has come up with a superb facility- the Turkish Airlines name change policy

Turkish airlines allow name changes

All reservations must be done with a valid name that matches word to word with the name on the government-issued ID. Therefore, if the passengers have committed any mistake in entering their name at the time of booking, they can now easily rectify them by submitting a Turkish ticket name change request

Attributes of Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Here are all the crucial attributes of the Turkish Airlines name correction policy

  1. Turkish Airline name change on tickets can be done in scenarios like weddings, divorces, spelling mistakes, typos, and absence of the last name on the reservation. 
  2. Just one request for Turkish ticket name change is permitted for one customer. 
  3. The booking of flight tickets must be done on the TK documents. 
  4. The starting number of the TK flights must be 235 and run under Turkish airlines. 
  5. Ticket transfer is strictly prohibited. If anyone wants to transfer the ticket to someone in their circle, cancelation, and rebooking is the only way. 

 Now, explore different approaches for making name changes under Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy


  • Visit the official 
  • Click on the ‘Manage my booking’ tab, and put your reservation information that includes a 6-digit reference number & traveler’s last name. 
  • A page with your itineraries will open. Choose the booking which needs to be changed or corrected. 
  • As per Turkish Airlines’ name change policy, travelers can correct or change up to 4 characters only in their name. Hence, make the modifications accordingly. 
  • Hit the “Save” button. 
  • Now, pay the applicable fare difference & fee for the name change for changes confirmation. 


The second method is as simple as the online method. All you need to do is call the customer care department of Turkish Airlines and submit your request. 

The representative will provide you with the best support to validate your right name on the ticket. They will ask you for the 6-digit reference number, your last name, and legal documents (if needed). Once you submit all these details, your request will be processed in a speedy way and approved in the least time. As soon as it is approved, you will be notified with an official email. 

Turkish Airlines’ name correction policy permits name changes on the ticket so you enjoy every second of your journey. 


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