What qualifications to practice in sports coaching?

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What is a sports coach?

Can you become a sports coach without a diploma.Who are the certified sports trainers.Where does the sports coach work.What is the salary of a sports coach.What are the qualities of a good coachDoes being a sports coach necessarily mean becoming a nutritional coach?

Becoming a personal trainer in the face of apps: unfair competition?

“Fate is not a matter of chance, but of choice.” W. Jennings Bryan (1860-1925)

BPJEPS, DEJEPS, BPJEPS AGFF, License STAPS, CAPEPS… All these somewhat barbaric acronyms designate, as you may know, professional training and diplomas for teaching in sport .

But are they enough to become a sports coach  ? Do you want to become a sports coach online or at home?

The discipline, relatively new in the French sports landscape, does it have an official diploma? Do you have to take recognized training to exercise and support a client ‘s weight loss, strength training or fitness classes ? Can’t we offer our services without a diploma?

All these questions relating to individual sports coaching , you are certainly asking yourself too.

Superprof brings you the answers today.

Here is our study on the training and qualities required to become a sports coach!

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What is a sports coach?

Did we really think of using a sports coach at home a few decades or even years ago?

How to become a personal trainer?

What training is recommended to become a sports coach?

But while some people are a little tired of the “collective” and “muscular” atmosphere of sports halls, the profession of home sports coach quickly made its appearance.

The goal: to reproduce at home or outdoors, with a sports and fitness professional, what can be found in the gym.

But when an individual coach visits a client, it then takes on a much greater dimension.

The sporting aspect is indeed not the only one to be taken into account.

The “sports teacher”, as it was originally understood, also becomes a behavioral coach here .

This type of ”  personal trainer  ” must not only work with people sometimes suffering from obesity, overweight or even daily stress, to be treated through sport and release.

But also with athletes with failing motivation.

The sporting discourse, of “remotivation” is therefore essential.

A sports coach is a sports educator whose main mission is to support his clients in their fitness or physical preparation goals.

He can therefore be a physical trainer, physical education and sports teacher (EPS teacher), private home sports teacher (personal trainer), life coach, instructor-educator, private home coach, etc.

The coach can interact with all types of audiences: children, teenagers, adults, seniors, disabled people, sports teams,

The answer is obvious.

Yes, because it is finally the specializations and the various trainings that he will follow, which will allow him to increase his client portfolio.

Want to become a sports coach Annecy ?

Can you become a sports coach without a diploma?

This is THE big question that sports enthusiasts ask themselves every year in France. And all the more so since this profession of online or home sports coach was born.

Because there are many women or many men who, after years and years of sport, have acquired a certain knowledge of sport (of various sports activities such as bodybuilding, boxing, pilates, yoga, cardio, cycling, abs , weight loss, etc.) and the body (injuries, effective training for muscles, such as the abs, buttocks, shoulders, pectorals, legs, thighs, back, etc.).

To the point of thinking: “  How to become a sports coach? ”  I want to become a coach too!”  »

And it is quite normal that this attracts the curious. What could be better than being paid to do what you love and to teach it?

But before delving into training specific to sports training, does the very name of “  sports coach  ” really suffer from the imposition of coach training  ?

Is it possible to start without a state certificate or professional training  ?

How to declare yourself as a sports coach?

And that, Superprof knows it perfectly, we who can count today on nearly 6,400 coaches today on the site  !

But, if the sports coach does not exist strictly speaking, sports education is however framed by law.

Here are the alternatives to the STAPS degree from the university:

The BPJEPS (Professional certificate for youth, popular education and sport, specializing in gymnastic activities, fitness and strength).

These are certainly transversal training courses in individual sports coaching , but they are no less valid.

How to become a Bourges sports coach ?

Who are the certified sports trainers?

The diplomas we are going to talk about below are therefore all subject to training over several years and are recognized by the State.

And if the primary goal of these courses is not to become a sports coach , they nevertheless allow, outside the profession of fitness coach, sports trainer or physical trainer, to exercise, in parallel, as a sports coach at residence.

Discover the 5 training courses to follow if you want to present a diploma to your future customers…

We all had them at school. In college and high school.

A guarantee of security and credibility for customers, not insignificant when one wants to succeed in this branch.


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