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According to Statista, in 2018, about 94.5% of young French people aged 12 to 24 used the Internet almost every day.

This statistic is hardly surprising for a country that has been engaged for several decades now in an unprecedented digital revolution .

Even more remarkable is the fact that an ever-increasing proportion of individuals recognize the usefulness of such a computer tool. INSEE informs us that among those who do not use the Internet in 2012, only 27% do so because they find it useless, compared to approximately 50% in 2008.

Of course, the interest shown in this tool should not mask a more fundamental issue, namely the way in which it is used. However, the same institute tells us that in 2010, among young people aged 15 to 29, about 70% of them used the Internet during the last three months for

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Suffice to say that the time when the Internet was only used for entertainment and to make time less monotonous is well and truly over.

From now on, it is handled as a real  palliative for the insufficiencies of knowledge and intellectual deficiencies .

In addition to the recent consideration given to this tool, students must realize that they can use it as a means capable of remedying their personal difficulties, provided that they assess its complementarity and know its limits sufficiently .

The purpose of the article will be precisely to expose the various ways of taking advantage of the Internet to revise one ‘s maths lessons and improve one’s academic training , while informing the reader of the pitfalls to avoid . Given the variety of subjects and the complexity of each of them, we will focus exhaustively on the case of mathematics .

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Internet abounds in sites on which one easily finds many  courses of maths as well as a certain number of corrected exercises .

Generally in the form of “pdf” files, most of them remain in conformity with the official school programs of the different school levels.

The presence of colors, graphs or tables facilitate familiarization with the site and make the content of the information more readable and accessible.

Of course, not all 3rd grade math lessons  and exercises online benefit from such attributions, which can occasionally prove to be disappointing and counterproductive. It is therefore necessary to list the advantages and disadvantages of such a mode of learning .

It sometimes happens, for various reasons, that the student does not have a complete course and that this insufficiency proves to be difficult to repair. The possibility for him to access an online course will allow him to remedy this problem.

In addition, he will clearly be able to benefit from a lot of explanations different from those provided by his official teacher.

To put it another way, he will benefit from a pedagogy distinct from that with which he is confronted daily .

After visiting different sites, it is very certain that the student will find one that suits him more, which can only improve his understanding and his motivation to study.

However, all forms of repetition should be avoided with the teacher’s course.

What gives the attractive character of private maths lessons online is precisely to distinguish themselves more or less from those established with the teacher. The consultation must aim to bring a supplement,  a new light, that is to say a content unknown for the moment. Otherwise, the interest would be limited, or even nil.

Then, it is essential to choose a site that does not ignore any chapters or any part of the mathematics program. Ignoring this warning would lead the pupil to neglect serious elements or to believe that they are of secondary importance, deserving, consequently, restricted attention.

Math exercises corrected online

It is obvious that the term “corrected” has a privileged place because, without it, the online exercises would not be of any interesting use.

We must therefore begin our discussion by pointing out that all the exercises chosen on the Internet must be done on the basis of the existence of a detailed correction . Selecting such exercises without the latter would be like cooking a recipe without accessories. We would certainly achieve a result, but it would be impossible for us to know if our actions were in line with the expectations imposed.

Simple correction is also not sufficient because it would be just as useless to have results without specific clarifications.

One of the advantages of online corrected exercises is to offer a very diverse range of applications of all kinds. The student can then perform unusual exercises, different from those discussed in class.

When we know the importance of practice in mathematics , we can only rejoice in such a possibility.


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