How can you Avoid Bad Jewelry Repairs?

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If you were unfortunate enough to have your ring cut off during your visit to the hospital or if you gripped a subway pole a bit too tightly, it is likely that you will need to have enough back of your band repaired. Your ring’s shank is referred to by its technical name, and the jeweler may make it look nearly brand new again! The fact that this is the case does not signify, nevertheless, that you must go around wearing your ring recklessly. The following are some ways to avoid getting unsatisfactory repairs on your jewelry:

Bad Jewelry Repairs

Bad Sizing and Lengths

This is most likely the most avoidable mistake that may be made when repairing jewelry from  jewelry restoration services . But, tragically, it continues to take place. Taking the measures carefully is the most important step you can take to avoid this from happening.

Getting a ring measured by a jeweler is the first step in the resizing process if you already own the ring. It is essential to take measurements of the correct finger, as even the sizes of the left and right fingers might differ from one another. If you are trying on rings, you should be very specific about the options you are considering. Indicate whether you desire to lengthen your piece in order to preserve the real components or whether you would want to add metal in order to avoid it from getting thinner.

Different Finish

Oxidation is a natural process that can happen to your precious jewelry pieces if you neglect to clean them for an extended period of time. However, several pieces of jewelry are designed with oxidized elements as an intentional aspect of their appearance. Make sure that your jeweler is aware of whether or not a particular appearance is intended to be a part of the design of your jewelry. This will ensure that they do not attempt to make the piece appear glossy, which would be an extremely detrimental error.

Bring in the unscathed earring in addition to the one that is broken if either of your earrings is damaged. After the repair is complete from jewelry restoration services, you can be certain that both of the earrings will have finishes that are consistent with one another if you proceed in this manner.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry After It Has Been Repaired

If your jewelry was fixed by soldering, you need to be extra cautious while you wear it because the solder could potentially fall off and cause injury.

It is important not to use an excessive amount of force because doing so increases the likelihood that the soldered joint may break. To cite just one example, you shouldn’t tug too hard on your necklace, and you should also exercise caution when putting on and taking off your ring and bracelet.

In a similar vein, once you’ve had your ring sized, you shouldn’t put it back on when you’re going to be doing something physically demanding, and you should also take extra precautions to prevent it from getting scratched or dented.

Do not bring it into the bathroom with you while you are showering.

It is probably okay for jewelry to get wet in the pool or even use the shower at the gym once in a while, but doing so on a regular basis is not something that should be encouraged.”

The residues left behind by hard water, including soap scum, are notoriously challenging to eradicate. Another activity that should be avoided with costume jewelry is taking a shower. The steam from the shower might weaken the glue that binds the pieces together, or it can cause the components to rust.

It is safe to assume that a wedding band made of a simple metal can be worn while taking a shower; nonetheless, it is best to remove jewelry whenever possible.

It is possible for shampoo and conditioner to become lodged behind mountings. Additionally, these products may include chemicals that, over time, will corrode the metal.”

Investing in jewelry that has been constructed with more sturdy materials is one approach to reduce the likelihood that your possessions will be damaged.

This indicates that you ought to steer clear of purchasing inexpensive jewelry: Although the purchase price may at first appear to be rather reasonable, keep in mind that if you intend to wear the item on a daily basis, you will need to have it repaired frequently and will be responsible for the associated costs.

If you take into account the price of repairs, for instance, a low-cost ring might turn out to be not quite as affordable in the long run, and you might find that investing in something that is more long-lasting is a smarter move overall.

Picking metals that are much more durable than others is another strategy to reduce the likelihood of damaged components and the need for extensive repairs from jewelry restoration services. For instance, jewelry made of platinum, tungsten, or titanium will also have a longer lifespan than that jewelry made of gold or silver.


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