Does Your Horse Need A Rug?

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You’ve probably thought about what kind of rug would be best for your horse if it spends the winter installs. Age, weight, breed, condition, whether or not they are trimmed, and of course, their health will all play a role in whether or not you decide to rug your horse.

Horse Need A Rug

Since every horse has specific needs, it is ultimately up to us to decide what is best for them. The best solution for your horse might not be the best for another horse in the yard. Compared to a horse, a stabled horse won’t be able to roam around as much to stay warm. This is where a horse rug comes in.

Here are reasons your horse needs a rug:

1. To keep your horse comfortable and maintain body heat

The winters can be extreme. You will have more than a few days when you bring your horse inside with a sopping wet rug. Fortunately, the waterproof lining of the turnout rug should keep him dry. Sadly, not all of us have a solarium to dry our rugs. Leaving your horse bare and using body heat to dry the rug can seem the best option. Your horse won’t be able to stay warm as well because his body heat will be used to dry the rug instead. Imagine having to spend the entire night in a wet raincoat after returning from an extremely rainy walk. As your horse consumes more hay to maintain the additional body heat needed, you may also see an increase in your hay cost.

Changing your horse into a dry stable rug when it’s raining is the best thing to do. You can take the turnout rug home to dry in the warm environment or hang it up to air dry overnight. A backup turnout rug is smart if your primary rug isn’t completely dry by morning.

2. To monitor your horse’s body health

Another advantage of using a horse fleece rug at is that it makes it easier to detect changes in your horse’s physical condition as rugs are changed. Some rugs, especially poorly fitted ones, might cause your horse to have rubs, sores, cuts, or feel uncomfortable. If you don’t routinely change the rug on your horse, you’ll be less likely to notice these problems immediately. Any rubs can be managed and recovered more easily when you notice them and take action. Every night, as you change into your stable rug, you can brush your horse quickly and examine his physical condition.

3. To protect the horse from insects

Summertime is a hardship because of midges and flies. The warm weather may attract these insects, and horses that are struck may experience soreness and irritation. Your horse may develop skin conditions during the cold or rainy months. A horse rug is a good option as protection for them.

Stable rugs come in a variety of styles, as was already said. If you want to use them to keep insects away, you should give the following styles some thought:

Cotton Horse Rug: Because the material is difficult for insects to penetrate, it provides total protection for your horse.

Mesh Horse Rug: This rug provides sound insulation against annoying insects and improves airflow. If itching is a problem, you might buy a tough rug that can withstand frequent scratching. A tough mesh rug is oftenx the best for most horses.


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