Best-Selling Classic Novels of All Time

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Novels are not being written for today’s generation, the classics and the generations before us also loved to read. They loved reading more than we, that’s why their minds were sharp and their thinking was critical. The writers back then wrote some beautiful classical novels, which are still very much popular and they will continue to be the best. Many of those classic novels were turned into some great movies, while some are still only available as novels. Many of today’s writers try to get inspiration from their writing style and technique. There was something about their novels that pulled the audience towards them, they never needed to promote their work. It was enough to make headlines alone.

Best-Selling Classic Novels of All Time

Even nowadays when you read these classic novels you understand why they are still considered the best. There is beauty to each and every character, despite being in a time when the society was male dominated, female writers wrote some beautiful and strong characters that still inspire us. Some of the classic novels are briefly described below, take a look:

1. The Murder of Roger – Agatha Christie

This was considered the most successful and controversial thriller of Agatha’s career. The story revolves around ancient times, where one night a woman was killed with an unknown poison and later the man she was supposed to marry was also killed with the same poison. Following the murder of Roger, the king is shocked and wants to find the killer and the poison’s cure before anyone else dies. If you want to buy all your favorite classic novels of a good quality, then use Gramedia deals and get your favorite novels at an affordable price.

2. Death on the Nile – Agatha Christie

This novel revolves around the story of a detective Hercule Poirot who is taking a nice vacation on a cruise sailing along the Nile. When a dead body of a young woman is found the detective must find the murderer, as he is furious his vacation was ruined. But the discoveries lead him to something he never knew was possible. He must find a way to solve this case before someone gets killed.

3. Dracula – Bram Stoker

This classic revolves around the ancient myth of Dracula. In this book, we will read notes of the author discovering some ancient writings and theories about Dracula. This book also reviews the work of five other authors about the greatest myth and gives some theories of its own. It will give you an insight into how good or bad it is to believe in these myths and what will happen if you start to look at some really ancient traditions on the killing of a Dracula. It is also believed that many people were killed during medieval times as they were considered a Dracula.

4. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte was a British novelist and a poetess. Her famous work was Wuthering Heights; it became more famous among the youth of that time. It is a story of a young child named Heathcliff who was adopted by a family, where he was treated as a servant. When he was in his teen years he ran away from there and started his own journey. Hope the above mentioned information about the classic novels will be helpful to you.


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